Building and maintaining links with key stakeholders, either via the media or directly, is a considerable challenge for business leaders and elected decision-makers. Amidst the Covid-19 induced economic, social and political shake-up, this task has become even more daunting, whilst remaining critical.

At Relate Inc we provide key insight, methods and training to leaders; helping them build their delivery skills and contextual knowledge to better convey their purpose and actions to key stakeholders and, through the news media and social media, to the general public. We also assist them in building links and long term relationships with key stakeholders.


Relate Inc is not a public relations firm; our expertise and skill set are different. We provide services to business leaders and elected decision-makers only and do not directly interface with the press for our clients. Our offer covers 6 key areas.

Media Training

We provide tailored and practice-centred training programmes to our clients. Through them, they not only understand the media landscape and how news cycles work, but also develop media-specific skills [for print, radio and televisions/webtv environments] in order to deliver their messages effectively and clearly via the news media. Our media training programme is HRDC refundable.

Crisis management

We help our clients frame precise and coherent responses in crisis management situations in order to communicate effectively with both the press and the general public through different channels, including social media. Relate Inc also provides guidance and contextual knowledge to clients for their important public interventions, presentations and speeches.

Thought leadership

Meaningful personal contributions on platforms like Facebook or Linkedin as well as in specialised publications is now a crucial playing card for leaders. We offer advice in the elaboration of articles and short videos that convey the defining ideas and opinions of our clients to the people who want to know more about them and what they stand for.


At Relate Inc, we are not put off by the taboo “L” word in Mauritius. Thus, we help our clients initiate preliminary discussions and soundings with key stakeholders, including local communities and forces-vives. In order to assess potential meeting grounds and divergence points ahead of major decisions and project implementation. We lobby your positions and ease interactions.

Journalism training

We use our 20 years of experience in journalism and newsroom management to coach and train journalists as well as heads of newsrooms on how to effectively fulfil their mission to inform while building their audience. For this, we carry out short or longer term in-house training programmes that can be refunded by the HRDC.

Media Monitoring

We leverage on our extensive knowledge of the local media landscape to provide an enhanced press review not only showing what has been reported about specific sectors, but also how it has been reported and what angles have been chosen or deliberately ignored in the press.


Rabin Bhujun, our founder, has a two decade-long career in the Mauritius news media. He has won international awards and received foreign and local recognition for his work.

Rabin cofounded online news portal ION News at the end of 2013. In three years, the website, backed by its social media channels, made its way among the top 3 go-to online news sources [as confirmed by various polls] in Mauritius. He previously held the position of editor in chief at l’express dimanche news magazine for 7 years. Rabin has also been a board member of public and private sector organisations catering for the development of journalism in Mauritius.

As a seasoned journalist and respected opinion leader, he has built an extensive network and a deep understanding of the dynamics within and between the business community, the political class as well as major civil society actors.



Relate Inc offers tailor-made solutions for each of our clients. Let’s meet to discuss your specific needs.

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